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Viatge a Londres 2017



This winter students of 4 ESO and 1 BAT have spent a week in the UK. We have stayed five days in London, where we were hosted in English families of Ealing neighbourhood.


Our trip started the last Monday of January. We left Arenys very early, but when we arrived at the airport we had to wait and, unfortunately, our plane was delayed because of the bad weather conditions in London. Finally, we got to Gatwick airport, where two of the students lost their luggage. Thankfully, they found it after a few hours.


Then, we met our guides, Paul and Robin, who joined us during this great experience and introduced us to our families. Every two students lived with an English family.


Every morning we had to walk or take the bus to the meeting point, which was Ealing Brodway Station. After that, we had to take the tube to start our sightseeing of London.


We had a lot of fun because we visited a lot of landmarks such as: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, where we took a lot of great pictures with the wax figures which seemed so real… We also visited some museums like British Museum, National Gallery, Natural History Museum, etc.


Every day we had a “break” for lunch, when we could go to the restaurant which we preferred and if we had time we could go shopping around there. It was a kind of free time.


The last day we went to Camden Market where most of us bought souvenirs for our families, it was very funny because you had to haggle to get the better price: all of us bought the same London sweatshirt but one boy paid 22 pounds and another girl only 13!


And... some of us could go to King’s Cross Station, where Harry Potter’s books are inspired. The film also cast filmed there in some occasions. It was awesome! A dream come true!


We came back on Friday evening. We all said goodbye and thank you to our families and caught the coach to Gatwick airport. The return flight was very fast. We arrived in Arenys at 1a.m. We were all too tired, but very happy to see our families.


It was such a great trip and hopefully next year we will have so much fun again!


* Unes quantes fotografies del viatge (cliqueu aquí).


Maria Dexeus and Elsa González and

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